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Trusted Facility and Building Maintenance Services

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  1. Service with a personal touch
  2. Advanced and industry leading technology
  3. Global and local reach in Austin and San Antonio
  4. Environmentally friendly methods
  5. 2017 Global Outsourcing Top 100 Award
  6. Licensed/bonded/insured professionals
  7. 100+ years of experience

Commercial and Industrial Services

ISS was founded is edubirdie safe in Copenhagen in 1901 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading facility services companies with revenues in 2016 amounting to $11.9 billion USD. The secret to our success lies in how we tailor our solutions to client needs, how we manage risk, and how our engaged team of more than 490,000 staff members add the power of human touch in everything we do. ISS is a leading facility services company with more than 200,000 customers or clean more than 30 billion square metres every year.

Facility/Building Maintenance (HVAC, Elevators, Plumbing)

ISS has in-house licensed and insured staff to carry out customized services.

We offer 24-hour response, highly trained cleaners, expert quality assurance team, risk management support and EDIbilling capabilities.

Janitorial Service

ISS has above industry standards that offer fast and tailored cleaning solutions focused on every customer’s needs and preferences using new and environmentally friendly methods, tools and materials. We offer carpet cleaning and extraction, general cleaning, floor cleaning and finishing, exterior pressure washing, furniture, dusting and polishing, rug and carpet maintenance, trash collection and disposal, and structural and mechanical maintenance.

Construction Clean Up

Post construction cleaning services are available for your major projects, remodeling, or additions.

Partnering with ISS’ experienced team makes your continuous improvement and quality management easy.

Ready to Give a Changing Face to Your Facility/Building

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The ISS Way

Our experienced team will perform quality services for your business whether you choose our solutions for facility/building maintenance, janitorial service, or construction clean up.

  •  Give the seamless site cleanup that you need after a project
  • Provide clean and work safe environments for employees and customers
  • Deliver services consistently by talented and trained staff
  •  Improve the Appearance of your Office
  • Improve workplace experiences
  • Save money on labour, specialist equipment, and advanced technology

Ready to Give a Changing Face to Your Facility/Building